Building better, healthier, more well-rounded teens

For today’s teens — especially those homeschooling with sparse lesson plans — distraction is more prevalent than ever. Phones. Social media. Video games. While this cutting-edge technology affords us amazing ways to connect with each other (especially throughout our COVID-19 pandemic), it also leads to feelings of isolation, symptoms of depression and a major lack in overall fitness and mental health.

Aspero Youth Initiative ensures your child has the proper outlet to exert their physical energies driven by vigilant and determined instructors — in a safe, physically distant setting that aligns with state, county and local COVID-19 guidelines — to help them become stronger individuals in mind, body and spirit. This leads them to become better athletes in whatever sport they’ve chosen as their focus, and better, well-rounded young adults.

Amidst the fast paces of Orange County life, today’s parents are busy juggling multiple priorities and deadlines at once and on a daily basis. Couple that with having kids who’ve met their schooling quota in just a few short hours compared to the full day of traditional schooling, and it’s easy to see how teens have too much time on their hands.

Aspero Youth Initiative makes it easy to fill your kids’ open schedules with a leading-edge fitness program designed to build their endurance, strength, stamina, and most importantly, their character.

We pick up your teen, get them to the day’s local training destination, feed them a balanced, all-natural, home-cooked and post-workout meal when they’re done and drop them back off safely at home. Exerted, fulfilled and looking forward to the next training session.

We lift weights. We ramp up cardio. We perform boxing techniques and calisthenics. We incorporate elements of Cross-Fit. One day may find us gathered at the beach to run and swim, while the next day we’re in a private gym crushing through our reps.

Every day brings the promise of something new and both physically and mentally rewarding. And it’s all done while the phones and other devices are locked away for the session’s duration to truly compete and focus our energies on getting stronger and fitter, together.