Shaping a More Confident, Strong and Healthy Teenager

Four hours a day. Twenty hours a week. Physical activity that benefits your teen in myriad ways.

While the cutting-edge technology we hold in our hands and it’s growing social media apps have helped us — it’s certainly come at a cost: Our total health.

This aspect of society will undoubtedly continue to evolve and impact our lives and our children’s lives, but finding balance amidst its shadow and effect relies on how much we exercise.

Aspero Youth Initiative was started by Petar Asic to address the demand for healthy, athletic and engaging teen activities throughout the week. And all within a framework that gets them off their phones, out of their homes and connected through the vehicle of physical exertion.

Peter Asic is a former professional water polo player from Croatia. He played water polo at Pepperdine University, was the Head Water Polo Coach at Santa Margarita Catholic High School from 1998-2002, Head Coach at JSerra Catholic High School from 2006-2011 and is the founder and current Head Coach of the Orange County Water Polo Club (OCWPC).

Our purpose through the process of this program is not only focused on promoting health and wellness, but building better athleticism while ultimately developing exemplary people and citizens.

Our hope is to be a part of your teen’s life. We want to help your child obtain optimal fitness to ensure all the work you’ve put in as parents truly produces a happy, confident and hard-working individual.