“‘It was fun and hard; I liked all of it!’...

...said our son after coming home exhausted and happy. Beach workouts, boxing, weights, nutrition and cross fit. We trust Petar 100% and feel privileged our son had this experience. 6:1 ratio. This is not an ordinary camp. Would highly recommend.”

Lisa and Kristin

“My son Jack absolutely loved it!!!

Every day was different, exciting and physically challenging. He experienced improved muscle development, increased speed and agility. I would absolutely recommend this program.”

Kristi E.

“Prior to my son participating in this program, he was heavily involved in gaming.

After the program, his physical performance improved, he rarely looks at social media, and he just sold his PC. He is more engaged with a family and exhibits confidence and self-worth.”

Hon. Erica Pezold

“My son had an amazing time!

Throughout the course of the camp, he grew in more ways than we thought possible, both physically and mentally. Each week he got stronger mentally and physically by pushing himself through Petar’s positive motivation. I would most definitely recommend this camp and can’t say enough great things about Petar and what he has done for my son.”