Functional Training That Boosts Teen Athletic Performance

Aspero Youth Initiative offers functional fitness training that improves your teen’s overall physical health and well-being. Our classes focus on a simple, unique regimen of athletic training geared to boost teen performance in any sport. Whether their competitive interests take place on the field, in the water, on the court and beyond, our program ensures they make the most of their talents and abilities while elevating their overall strength, speed and agility.

And while we work through the challenges of our current COVID-19 pandemic, know that we’re doing everything in our power at the state, county and local level to keep your teen as safe as possible while we work out.


Fat-Burning, High-Intensity, Low-Impact Cardio

The best cardio workouts burn fat while laying the foundation to build strong muscle. Swimming, kettlebells, jump rope, running and more. It’s all fair game — and we do it all!


Strength Training for Increased Power

We certainly carve out time to hit the weights and other elements of strength training. And while bulking up is the goal, it’s not the absolute by any means. Our program focuses on adding lean muscle to your teen’s body, which is the functional ideal in athletic training.


Taking Initiative Through Endurance

The best athletes — and the best people — know that endurance is what sets apart good from greatness. We’re in the business of building greatness, and we use our time together as an opportunity to boost physical endurance and while instilling its beneficial aspects to build better character.


Fully Aligned to Elevate Flexibility

So much of sport relies on making a wide range adjustments on the fly. And it takes flexibility to accomplish those aspects of competition. We like to focus on responsive exercises that make for pliant bodies and minds that can quickly adjust whenever the play calls for it.


Home-Cooking That Fuels Recovery

Our founder and program director, Petar Asic — a former professional water polo player from Croatia — has high standards when it comes to good nutrition and good taste. Each week he and his wife (also from Croatia) curate a daily menu that gives the kids in their program a healthy and delicious post-workout meal to fortify the body’s recovery process and ability to manage the rigors of the next workout session.

Crossfit To The Core | San Juan Capistrano

The crossfit training method utilizes corrective exercise, metabolic coaching, assisted stretching and myofascial work that is specific for every teen’s needs.

Workouts at Crossfit To The Core run from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the daily regimen.

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Capistrano Boxing Gym | San Juan Capistrano

The boxing training routine is a program designed to empower your child with confidence, discipline, respect and values while providing fundamentals that instill coordination, speed, agility, maximizing your teen’s athleticism. Teens gain the confidence they need with the keys to succeed on and off the mat.

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Outdoor Training

When we're not at the gym, you'll find us working out in the outdoors, making the most of our local resources - trails, hills, beaches, and parks.








Communication Skills


Hard Work




Positive Outlook


Full Program

* 5 Days/Week

* 4 Hours/Day

* 6 Program Spots Available (Inquire about availability)

* $1,400/month

* Optimal program to fully assist your teen in creating positive behavior modifications and altering negative habits

Part-Time Program

* 3 Days/Week

* 4 Hours/Day

* 6 Program Spots Available (Inquire about availability)

* $840/month